When growing up, we disliked the fact that we were only children and unable to do what the grown-ups were well capable of, and did with such ease and that unfathomable. We wished that we were their age and dressed in their clothes to demonstrate that exact point. We couldn’t wait to reach that point in adulthood where anything was possible and achievable, and able to do everything on our own – because they made it seem so easy yet very sophisticated, as well. But as children we didn’t realize that our own parents may have been going through some tough times, but they didn’t show any of the stress they went through – which clearly shows how much they have to handle but they wanted to protect us from the negative aspects of life, and to think we always thought that it was all easy but that was just at first glance, and that says a lot. But when adulthood finally came along, we found ourselves struggling under the weight of all the pressure and broke under it because we couldn’t handle it at all. Turns out adulthood isn’t as sophisticated like we assumed.

Adulthood could be described using a string of words and adjectives, but there doesn’t seem to be suitable one that would be nearly accurate enough. The most common words that have always been used would be ‘stressful’ and ‘absolute hell’ because it’s so tiring and there isn’t a moment where you don’t feel exhausted and fed up with everyone and everything. Patience is also another thing that’s lost because you don’t have the time to deal with other people’s problems as you’re already drowning in yours. Money is would definitely top the list for being the root cause of problems, and this is 100% true because almost everyone has some sort of issue with it, one way or another. It’s so hard to be able to earn a decent amount of it and takes years to get to that level where someone could afford everything they wish they wanted. Yet it’s too easy to find yourself caught up in a web of money problems, because you’ve either spent too much or don’t have the necessary amount to even think of spending. A trusted personal loan would be helpful at this point.

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