When you are running a business it will be so hard to maintain it. Sometimes, we have to spend our own money from our packets to keep the business running. So here are few points to reduce overhead cost and have a profit waiting for you at the end of the year.

Decrease the paper usage

When you read the word “paper”, you would have smiled and asked yourself what is the use in that. But it is the small things like this which costs you; a huge amount of money. If you do not believe it; here it goes. When you are using a paper to take notes; you need pens. When you use papers to take print outs, you need printer ink and cartilages.

Apart from this you will use these papers for business meetings; some business deals; lots of paper works will be in papers instead of which you can have them in electronic form. Apart from this; when you use of for printing official files for meetings and deals; you will proof read the document and if you find faults; again they will have to redo the whole document which will comprise of large number of pages. When you reduce your usage of papers, it will also be environmental concern that trees need not have to be cut down and of course more environmental hazards will be avoided.

Use Internet instead of using actual currency

When you are making international calls even for business purposes, try using the apps which allows free international calls. If you make long hours of international calls, think of the amount of phone bills you will have to pay will be immensely large. You should also cut the telephones in your office and in your employees’ desks. Everyone have a smart phone and lots of apps which allows calls. Therefore even for communication within office or away from office can be done through them.

Travel only if it is a need

It is not only you; but all business people travel a lot. It is not necessary for you to be physically present during some meetings. You can just make video calls during these meetings. But do not be a lazy person or a stingy person and do a video call for signing a business deal. In those types of occasions; you should always be present and show your happiness for doing business with them.

Rent or lease or hire things

If suddenly you are hoisting a Halloween party in office or some Christmas party, do not buy things, just hire them. Not only for parties, there are several other things in office like a vending machine and a cafeteria. Sell the vending machine; since you have a cafeteria, you can always sell things there instead of having a vending machine which will need electricity; maintenance and services time to time.